Dark Matter Berlin - Interactive Sound Environment by kling klang klong


Interactive Sound Environment

DARK MATTER is an exhibition space in Berlin presenting a range of multimedia installations made by Christopher Bauder. The collection merges digital with the real world to create a parallel universe of light, space and sound. We contributed to this magical place by creating two spatial sound installation for POLYGON PLAYGROUND and BONFIRE.


This interactive installation plays with one’s perception, giving the impression of the ground moving under your feet. A constantly changing, digitally expanded sculpture is created for visitors to climb over, walk around, or lounge upon. The unique sonic atmosphere of POLYGON PLAYGROUND is based on a spatialized Ambient with an interactive sound engine which creates a tangible connection between the visitors and the surreal dimension of luminous shapes and colours.

Dark Matter Berlin - Interactive Sound Environment by kling klang klong



Through digital technology the BONFIRE installation creates the illusion of sitting together with friends around a campfire under a starry sky. One can almost feel the warmth of the digital flames while the familiar yet alien sound identity of our composition helps to bring alive the abstract, ethereal atmosphere.


Our Role
Sound concept, Music Composition & Production, Sound Design,
Programming, Mix &Master, On-site Implementation

WHITEvoid / Christopher Bauder

Sound System